hello world

This is the intial post of my blog. Wanted a place for me write down my thoughs and keep my memories.

I’ve attempted having a “blog” several times before this, I’m hoping that this one will live longer than my previous attemps.

A little about me

  • I’m a Christian. Not sure how much that means to people these days.

  • I’m a software engineer in SF working for a company that makes robots help teach little ones how to program.

code is life, code is bae.
  • I have 2 doggos. Hexadecimal, a very talkative Husky and Linux, an in-your-face Australian Shepherd. I’ll be making a post about them soon :)

  • I recently got into photography, thanks to a professional photographer friend and a housemate who also got into photorography recently.

  • I am restoring a vintage BMW at the moment, more on this later.

Tech Stack

This blog is built on Hexo using the Next Theme. Thanks Hexo and Next for putting in all the hard work!

I chose this instead of WordPress or some other CMS is because I wanted to keep it as simple and as easy to maintain as possible.

Hopefully as I continue to share my thoughs and memories, I’ll improve on the theme to make it more personal.


I’m hoping to have some good content both for me to look back on and for others to get insight into my life.

Just off the top of my head there will probably be at least these categories:

  1. Travel
  2. Food
  3. Religous Stuff
  4. Programming
  5. Cars
  6. My doggos

I’ll probably write about other topics, but they’ll all be available in the categories page.

I like people’s privacy and I like my privacy so I’ll keep name dropping to a minimum.

Blog Goals

My main goal of this blog is to be able to keep and share my thoughts and memories. I always feel like I’ll remember everything, but I rarely do. If I don’t keep my thoughts and memories somewhere, they’ll just end up being forgotten and lost.